Digital Makeup Consultation

Digital Makeup Consultation


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Get customized solutions to your cosmetic needs! Book your online consultation with the owner of Zeni Beauty Cosmetics!

When you book online makeup consultation, I will send you a link to our detailed pre-consultation form approximately a week before your consultation. This form will ask you questions about your daily skincare and makeup routines. I will ask you to send me pictures of you without makeup and ones showing how you look after you applied your makeup. I want to have a full overview of your current look before I e-meet with you. 

Your consultation will be carried out over Zoom. Your initial consultation will be around an hour. The first 45 minutes we will go through your current makeup routine, your lifestyle and my recommendations on which features to focus on to immediately improve your look! The last 15 minutes will be Q&A and you can use this time to ask me "how to" questions. As a special bonus I'm giving you $25 dollars credit toward the purchase any of our products and a customized sample package.

Purchase your consultation below and my assistant will contact you to schedule your consultation (please leave either your phone number or email address in the notes section at checkout).