September 2022 Color of the Month is Blueberry

September 2022 Color of the Month is Blueberry

Happy Labor Day!

We're taking our power back! This summer our rights as women were stripped away by people who have no idea what it's like to walk in our shoes nor do they understand how hard it is to make tough decisions for our health and well being! I have chosen Blueberry from Pantone's Autumn/Winter color collection to symbolize our determination to regain our power! This blackened blue embodies the qualities of both colors giving us a shade that is sophisticated, powerful and serious! Blue and black are the ultimate business power colors! So wear them to your next meeting and make a power play without saying a word. In makeup try a winged eyeliner look or create a foxy eye with our "Indigo" eyeshadow! This month stand for a woman's right to make decisions for her life without judgment or interference!

Ciao Bella,

Ms. Minna


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