About Zeni Beauty


If you’ve ever seen celebrities without makeup you know that many of them look just like you and me.  That’s why they hire makeup artists!  The artists modify the makeup looks until their clients look like Hollywood starlets.  So what does that say about the rest of us?  It says that we can all look more attractive if we use makeup to play down our imperfections and play up our unique features.


Zeni is the shortened form of the word Zarazeni which in the Czechoslovakian language means inclusion!  To us Zeni stands for embracing our love for color, for life and each other! It means giving ourselves permission to express our creativity and be who we are without judgement, guilt or apologies. Feeling beautiful and looking our best is a human quest that is irrespective of gender, race or ethnicity.  In fact our differences are actually only superficial.  Genetically we are all part of the modern Homo Sapien family.  So let’s put aside our petty differences and follow nature’s example of life form and color multiplicity inclusion!  If you feel the way we do then join the Zeni Beauty revolution as people United-Through-Color!


Zeni Beauty is a division of The Makeup Mix Cosmetic Company, LLC.  Originally founded in 2005 our company includes a small team of professionals with over two decades of experience working in the cosmetic industry.  All of Zeni Beauty’s products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure their freshness and superior quality.

The majority of our product colors were made because our clients requested them.    We use only the highest quality FDA approved cosmetic grade ingredients. We create products that are easy to use, provide long-lasting coverage and serve as an extension of your skin care.