January 2022 Color of the Month is Very Peri

January 2022 Color of the Month is Very Peri

Happy New Year!

We're kicking off January with Very Peri - Pantones 2022 color of the year! This color is soothing and inviting. Inspiring feelings of gratitude for the past and hope for a better tomorrow! The global pandemic has forever changed our lives. We may never be able to go back to the innocents of the past but we can forge a new path for the future! This new shade in the periwinkle family has the cool controlled essence of blue mixed with dash of royal purple. This color compliments most complexions and will look stunning in shirts, blouses and dresses. In makeup it's perfect for eyeshadow, eyeliner and nail polish!  All this year we'll show you how to evaluate your unique facial features and help you create a signature makeup look that has you looking fresh and pulled together! Follow us on TikTok to learn more. 

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