June's Color of the Month - The PRIDE Flag

June's Color of the Month - The PRIDE Flag

Be Loud and Proud!

This month we're fighting bigotry and hatred on all fronts! With all that is going on in the world from the COVID-19 pandemic to the senseless murder of George Floyd Pride month is the perfect time to fight the powers that be and bring an end to racism, hatred and inequality the world over.  Society tries to subjugate and silence anyone who is different!  They think different means inferior, well we're hear to say that we are loud and proud and we will not tolerate social injustice any more!  So this month wear the Pride colors individually or together and raise your fist in the air for solidarity.  Show that you stand with us against hatred because homo-phobia and trans-phobia is the same at black hate and all of it must come to an end now!  Our PRIDE palette is available at a special discount and we will be donating the profits from the sales to support the fight!  Please take care of yourself, stand strong and know that it is our differences that unite us!




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